Fantaseum is a limited liability corporation started in 2017 based in Ohio run by Robbie Powell. The name Fantaseum is a combination of the word Fantasy and Museum.

Fantaseum started in 2000 as a repository for Dungeons & Dragons rule add-ons as well as other pen and paper role playing game materials built by the community. Robbie started it off hosted at Gameplanet’s RPG Planet website, and eventually moved to being hosted by the Amethyst Alliance.

Fantaseum underwent a rewrite that was never finished but eventually Robbie created The Cartographers’ Guild in 2006 and later brought the Fantaseum name back as a combined force of multiple creative communities with a goal of cross-site promotion and collaboration as well as the releasing of newsletters.

The Fantaseum collaborative effort was dropped in 2017 in favor of this new business model focused on the technology that goes into gaming and simulation.