GaugeMaker 2.0

Back in 2010 I made a small .Net app to help me make gauges with tick marks for airplane development. I uploaded it to and kinda forgot about it…I didn’t realize it actually had a little of a following.

The app was pretty limited but also very powerful in what it did do well. Biggest modern complaint was the limited resolution and the lack of vector support. I also heard a few “Where’s the Mac?” complaints!

Times have changed for me regarding my skillsets, so I decided to dust off GaugeMaker and redevelop it from the ground up in C++/Qt for cross platform capability!

I’m currently at release candidate 4 (2.0.4 RC) and ready for folks to start using this program!


  • Cross Platform (Windows, Mac, and Linux if requested)
  • SVG Export
  • Scalable PNG export (max 4096)
  • Select from Preset gauges
  • Optional rounded line caps
  • Optional tick count rotation with gauge angle
  • Save and Load .gauge files for later use and sharing


Change List (2.0.4rc)

  • Fixed bugs in loading presets
  • Added Save and Load .gauge files
  • Cleaned up some smaller interface bugs

Change List (2.0.3a)

  • Added rounded end caps
  • Added rotated tick counts
  • Fixed bug causing last digit to not show
  • Fixed spinbox step for outer radius of ticks