Early test of a patient room furniture setup.

Furniture and Decor – Experimenting With Wards and Patient Rooms.

I found some ready made Victorian assets on the marketplace, and decided to experiment a little. These are nowhere near final as I intend to swap out some of these with my own, or mix and match a little more. I also am not a big fan of the big wrinkles in the rugs. I’m definitely liking the mood of the ward when it’s furnished a bit though. There’s still some additional bits such as gas ceiling lights and tables and benches to go in there though, so it will get better.

Early test of a patient room furniture setup.
A partly furnished patient room.
The ward with chairs, rugs, and paintings on the wall.
The entrance to the ward. Notice the crosshair which is a prefab from an interaction example I’m starting with.
A look down the hallway from the entrance to the ward.
This is the dayroom in the center front of each ward. I can fit these three rocking chairs in easily, might try to fit in 4, with a few in the entryway as well. I can also see a chess or checkerboard on a small card table here.

I’ll probably post another video soon showing the interaction. Pretty cool!

A Little Walkaround - EARLY
Night time at the Asylum!