The Kirkbride Project

Early work in progress in Unreal Engine

I’ve always been interested in maps of all kinds from regional maps, world maps, to building maps and floorplans. I was always incredibly fascinated by the floor plans of the Kirkbride Insane asylums. A few years ago I started mapping out my own Kirkbride based on gathered data from different floorplans, and Thomas Kirkbrides book. I’ve come up with a pretty accurate building plan and am in the process of what will start out as a virtual tour application and eventually become a Young Adult Historical Fiction Mystery game setting. This is the semi-official announcement of this project and will also serve as a dev blog as I learn how to use Unreal Engine and various other tools of the trade that I’m used to working in for Airplane modeling. Stay tuned for more info! Here’s a few screenshots of the interior too.

Here’s a view of the floorplan.
Gamma Attack!
Kirkbride Landscaping and Windows