A Little Walkaround – EARLY

I’ve put together a little walkthrough video with choppy performance and low resolution just because I love you all and want you to see this early. It’s very simple and not ground breaking at all, but it’s cool nonetheless from a Kirkbride standpoint. Being able to walk around the building and see things really helps bring the scale together. Opening and closing doors and windows this early is also pretty cool. I still have a lot of texture and detail work to do and lots of optimization before the virtual tour portion of this project is ready for people to run around in, but this is something fun for you to look at.

I’ve also added some small details to the roof. The edging is better and I’ve added beams to the underside of the soffit to bring that together better.

Kirkbride Project - Smoke, Light, Doors, Windows!
Furniture and Decor - Experimenting With Wards and Patient Rooms.