Kirkbride Project – Smoke, Light, Doors, Windows!

I had some problems with my meshes for the interior. The workflow for Unreal Engine 5’s Lumen is different, so I split the walls up some more and behold light! This is the interior of Ward 1 lit only with the light streaming in through the windows. Having the patient room doors open makes a great difference in the amount of light entering the hallway, which is fine because most of the time the patients sat in rocking chairs in the hallway outside of their rooms. I may change the doors to be inside the room as opposed to opening out into the hall.

Externally I’ve added the boiler house and it’s appropriate smoke plume. All the doors and windows inside and out are now in place. I still need to add exterior detailing such as roof gable facades, gutters, soffit beams, downspouts, security covers for the upper windows, and porches for the ward exterior doors. I also need to move past the free sample spruce tree foliage and do some real foliage work, but that’s later. I did get my paths where I want them but they’re still not cleanly blended.

Kirkbride Landscaping and Windows
A Little Walkaround - EARLY